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Preparing for your wedding ceremony

Times change. “One Location” events are on the rise in Pittsburgh. Couples are doing their best to help guests avoid traffic, inclement weather, and poor directions by having everything in one location.

This trend leads to a little bit of an educational curve for couples as they prepare for their ceremony without the standards and practices of in-house clergy guiding the way. We have been very fortunate to work at our favorite venues with some of the area’s absolute best wedding coordinators. They have taken the additional ceremony duties in stride and they have run with them.

Having the ceremony in a non-traditional location a unique change and one that we are very happy to accommodate here at Redford DJs. We have always offered ceremony music DJ packages for couples who wish to utilize us as we are already on location and ready to help! Your DJ would love to provide ceremony music, as long as your ceremony is at the same location as your reception.

Here are few things to keep in mind:


In the most-common ceremonies of the day there are typically 3/4 songs that a couple will need to select.

The First Song of the Ceremony

This song will be played while mothers are seated. Bridesmaids (plus flower girls and/or ring bearers) the groomsmen, and clergy will make their way to the altar during this song as well.

We have found that one song is typical for this, but two songs may be your preference.

The Second Song (Brides Entrance)

This is the song to which the bride walks down the aisle. Entirely your preference, however, the Wedding March, Canon in D, and Trumpet Voluntary are the most common ‘Traditional’ songs.

The Recessional (After the Kiss)

This is the song that begins immediately after the officiant introduces you two to the crowd. It should be a little more upbeat and a little triumphant.

Some couples will ask to have a song played for the lighting of the candles or the giving of the gifts to the parents. These are not as common as they are typically shorter events where silence and natural noise is perfectly acceptable.

MICROPHONES for Officiant and/or Readers

Additionally, there will be times where an additional microphone may be needed. Your readers or guest speakers may need a standing microphone where they can read during their moment in the ceremony. Keep this in mind when speaking with your DJ so we can be as best prepared as possible.

Hope this Helps!

Kevin Redford

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