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Reception and Ceremony at the Same Venue

We love being a part of the most important day of your life together. We truly see it as an honor and we happily work toward making if an incredible event. The recent rise of a new trend has really inspired us. Couples today are loving having their reception and ceremony held in the same room or at the same location. Its not only a significant convenience for your guests, but it also removes quite a few logistical burdens. ‘


Remember the first time you drove into Pittsburgh and experienced that amazing view of this amazing city? Hopefully you didn’t take it in too long as the traffic was possibly stopped up ahead. Saturdays are traditional wedding days because many guests are available on the weekends, the same reason many events take place in the city on Saturdays. This leads to limited parking.

Having your ceremony and reception at the same location eliminates multiple attempts to find parking, multiple parking fees (in the city), guests and limos running late in traffic. Also, evening events downtown typically don’t see a rise in parking/traffic until most ceremonies have already started. This leaves the best spots available for your guests, and lets the evening event crowd look for creative parking spots, not your family and friends.

You will undoubtedly save on your bridal party transportation.

Guests at Ceremony and Social Hour

Let’s be honest. Some guests, maybe a little bit removed from the marrying couple, don’t see as much need in attending the ceremony as they do the dinner and dancing portion of your big day. Some may be avoiding the ceremony for the reasons listed under ‘Transportation’ some just take their time getting places.

Having your ceremony and reception at the same venue increases your ceremony and social hour attendance by roughly 30% above separate locations.

Social hour is significantly improved by guests who are already at your event. Your social hour, or cocktail hour, will be livelier, louder, and happier with more of your guests.

Also, it’s important to understand that you are paying for the bar to be open at cocktail hour regardless of whether your guests made it on time or if they sat in traffic or couldn’t find a parking spot.

Why not start your cocktail hour with a full room?

A Complete Event

This style of wedding event, due to rise of non-traditional ceremonies, is becoming more and more popular. Ceremony and Reception in the same location has become a simpler, more elegant, and more complete event.

Whether guests would admit it or not, only having to navigate to one singular location, needing to find only one parking spot, and most importantly, knowing that from the moment of arrival the celebration can truly begin…that is a great thing.

Studies have found that guests will stay at one-site locations longer than two site weddings. Once your guests arrive they are more likely to relax and have a great time if they haven’t spent their afternoon driving to a ceremony site then through traffic to the reception.

At Redford DJs we take pride in our performance at every wedding reception and we are truly honored to be involved in your ceremony.

Looking forward to being a part of your big day in anyway you would like to have us.

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