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The Price of a Great DJ

I just got an email from a good friend from High School. Her wedding is coming up this Fall and she wanted to see if I am available. While I am already contracted to another couple on her date, I still wanted to make sure she knew how to price her DJ.

Regarding Price. We get this question all the time:

“Hi my wedding is next summer. How much do you charge?”

I understand why! There are so many things to consider for your wedding day and sometimes you just want a number. As service providers, higher end service providers to be more specific, we sometimes don’t know how best to respond to this question. I’ve always said, ‘if it comes down to price as the only determining factor then I will likely not be the DJ.’ It’s not that I am the most expensive DJ in my area, but because I am not the cheapest.

The average DJ in Pittsburgh, according to the numbers I’ve studied, is $1200/wedding. So when I say a price, like $1900, I am obviously higher and not the right choice for the price shopping bride. However, the brides who see price as important, but also put a ton of thought into the DJ’s style, personality, professionalism, experience, and talent, the difference is really $700. (the average of $1200 plus what you spend to get above average service)

Considering all of the money spent on cake, dress, limo, linens, food, alcohol, flowers, venue, photography, etc…is the additional $700 to guarantee my guests have an incredible time and spend the next two years talking about how much fun they had really worth it? That is entirely up to you! There is no ONE answer.

I do not, and never will, argue price with a coupe. If I am not worth the price to them, I am not at all offended. Your DJ is a preference, some prefer pepsi over coke, it doesn’t bother me at all. I would never want a bride to feel ‘talked’ into my services. The DJ is far too important a decision for you to not feel 100% comfortable with the decision the whole way through.

If you ever feel pressured into choosing a DJ, hit the pause button, its YOUR wedding!

So, here is my response to my friend advising her on DJ Pricing.

New Dj’s – Maybe they just purchased some equipment. They have been to a few weddings, maybe even dj’d 3 or 4, They are not great on the microphone (not used to it) and inconsistent in music selection,

They run anywhere from $400-$800.

Good DJs – Have 1-4 years experience. They are pretty good with announcements and fairly good with music selection. They should have an understanding of good requests vs bad requests.

They run anywhere from $800-$1200

Great DJ’s – 5+ years experience. Should have performed at at least 50-100 weddings. They have seen it all. Should be Great with planning and have really good ‘bed side manner’ on the wedding day. They know the day is all about making the bride happy. Song selection is spot on and satisfies a variety of ages BUT makes sure the bride is the happiest. They are normally $1400-$2000

Redford DJs have at least 12 years experience each. We have done at least 500 weddings each. Our prices range from $1700-$2200. We are worth it.

Hope this helps.

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